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Visit the garden nursery for bedding plants!

Garden Center in San Antonio, TX

Bedding Plants San Antonio TX Having a beautiful lawn is not just a one time expense; it is a true investment.

Milberger's Landscaping And Nursery is a garden center serving the San Antonio, TX area. With bedding plants, turf grass, and trees for sale, we carry all the plants you need. We also have commercial landscapers to help with any landscape design you may want. Call or visit today for more information.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or just getting started, our garden nursery has everything you need. From our wide selection of bedding plants and gardening supplies, you'll find everything you need to create a beautiful, healthy garden. Call or stop in today to find out about all the different kinds of plants we offer.

With the ability to make your home a more welcoming place, nothing adds curb appeal quite like professional landscape design. If your front or backyard is looking brown and drab, let the professional green thumbs at Milberger’s Nursery and Landscaping and it's garden center, lend you a helping hand. We can provide you with a wide selection of turf grass to give your landscape the right look.

We are a professional garden center dedicated to our customers. When shopping for new plants and trees, you want a garden nursery that you can trust. Milberger's Landscaping and Nursery is here to assist with all of your landscape design ideas.

  garden center San Antonio, TX   garden nursery San Antonio, TX

Sod & Turf Grass

The start to having any great lawn is having a green and lush lawn. With this in mind, Milberger’s Nursery currently has an extensive selection of turf grass and sod in South Central Texas with 19 different weed and disease-free varieties. Our garden center carries different varieties of Bemuda, Buffalo, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass.

With every turf grass we carry the U.S. Department of Agriculture carefully evaluated them to ensure you are getting the best. If you are considering turf grass, you can feel comfortable that you will receive the best quality when you purchase from Milberger's Landscaping and Nursery.

There are many different options of turf grass, bedding plants, and trees for sale in our garden center. No matter what your style or landscape design needs, you're sure to find what you need here! Whether you need trees or to choose the right grass for your yard, a member of our expert staff will be on hand to assist you. No other garden nursery in San Antonio, TX can offer you the expertise and variety that we can here at Milberger's Landscaping and Nursery!

To help you choose which turf grass is for you, the amount of sun and shade you have, soil depth, traffic in your yard, and your budget will all be considered. Each grass is different, and to give you an idea, we have put together the below list.

St. Augustine-  St. Augustine is one of the most popular turf grades because of its bright green blades. It is easy to mow and has a strong tolerance for shade and traffic. Because of these properties, it is a great choice if you have kids or pets. We offer:

  • St. Augustine Floratam
  • St. Augustine Raleigh
  • St. Augustine Palmetto
  • St. August FJ’s Select

turf grass San Antonio, TX turf grass San Antonio, TX turf grass San Antonio, TX

Bermuda- Bermuda grass has the tendency to look like a golf course when mowed short. It requires full sun, and has thinner blades than St. Augustine. Bermuda grass has the highest traffic tolerance of all the grasses we carry. We offer:

  • Bermuda Common
  • Bermuda Tifway 219
  • Bermuda Celebration

    turf grass San Antonio, TX     turf grass San Antonio, TX

Zoysia- Zoysia grass has properties of both Bermuda and St. Augustine varieties. It has good traffic and shade tolerance, is pest resistant, but is one of the more difficult grasses to mow. It also has a slower growth rate than other types, but can remain dormant during a drought. We offer:

  • Zoysia El Toro
  • Zoysia Emerald
  • Zoysia Palisades
  • Zoysia Zorro
  • Zoysia Jamur
  • Zoysia Zeon

turf grass San Antonio, TX   turf grass San Antonio, TX turf grass San Antonio, TX

Buffalo- Buffalo Grass is the only native permanent turf grass. It requires the least amount of water to maintain, with just 3/8 inch every week. This grass requires full sun and heavy soils. Although it is insect and disease free, it will need maintenance for weeds. We offer:

  • Buffalo Grass 109
  • Buffalo Grass Prairie
  • Buffalo Grass Prestige
  • Buffalo Grass Density

turf grass San Antonio, TX  So you can see and feel what each different blade of grass feels like, we have sample lawn areas. We encourage you to walk on our sample laws to experience the varieties for yourself. Although we provide expert advice, you are ultimately the one who knows your landscape area and wants/needs best. Our sample lawns are unlike anything else in South Texas and are sure to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing grass. When you decide on a variety for your home or business, we can deliver sod Monday through Saturday, weather permitting.

Once your turf grass is planted, our exceptional service to you doesn’t end. We can provide you with year-round care tips to keep your grass looking its best, even in the winter months. Advice on mowing, retaining moisture during a drought, and encouraging a deeper root structure can all be given. We want you to be able to enjoy your lawn for years to come.

 Garden Center

Our garden nursery features all kinds of bedding plants and trees for sale!

garden center San Antonio, TX For bedding plants, take a stroll through our garden center and discover fresh seasonal flowers in bright colors ready to be transplanted. We have the largest selection of bedding plants in the area and with our stock changing on a regular basis, we put many of our plants on sale weekly.  For your convenience, our garden nursery also has everything you need to create or maintain a water garden. We are a certified Water Garden Excellence Retailer, meaning we provide ready-to-install ponds kits and have Certified Aquascape Contractor on-site to answer questions, design a water garden, or install a water garden for you. From pond building materials, to plants and fish, we have it all.

Whether you want bedding plants or to browse our selection of trees for sale, Milberger's Landscaping and Nursery has what you're looking for. Our San Antonio, TX garden center carries an exceptional selection of turf grass, bushes, shrubs, and flowers. Stop in to our garden nursery today to find the plants you need or to consult with us on landscape design and lawn care!

  landscape design San Antonio, TX   bedding plants San Antonio, TX

trees for sale San Antonio, TX Tree Lot

If you are looking for trees for sale, we have an entire lot that spans acres. On our lot, you will find tree varieties all of which are well-rooted. When looking for the perfect tree for your landscape, important aspects to consider include the climate condition and location to be planted. Because different tree varieties require different sun exposure, temperature, and water level, we will assist you in finding a shade tree, fruit tree, citrus tree, palm tree, or ornamental tree that thrives in your yard.

Other Products & Services

landscape design San Antonio, TX

Because we are dedicated to making your entire outdoor space both beautiful and functional, we also provide many other products and services. Using our numerous years of experience in landscape design, we can enhance the overall appearance of your home or business by providing you with an extensive array of plants, root stimulants, herbicides, insecticides, soils, and other gardening tools and materials.

Whether you have a green thumb or are a novice looking to learn a few tips, Milberger’s Nursery has the helpful staff and all the plants and materials needed to keep your landscaping and garden beds looking exceptional all year long. If you come to our nursery with a specific project or question, our staff would be eager to help make your idea bloom. We even have commercial landscapers that can consult with you and assess your outdoor space and transform the area based on your individual budget.

Our degreed and registered landscape architects are ready to help your company, big or small, make a great first impression. Our advice and expertise will make your gardening and landscaping efforts a success.

As proof of our exceptional service and plants, we have been voted the Best Plant Nursery in San Antonio, TX. Stop in and see why for yourself!

garden nursery San Antonio, TX

We are ready to give you the investment of a lifetime.

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